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Tax accountant: Chikara Tamura

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Nature's walk Ltd

In 2013, when I was thinking of establishing our company from a private company. Then I found YFP Crea Website. 
We asked for a combination plan that company establishment and tax accounting.
In this September I was able to safely reach the 8th accounting term.
Our company started as a health shoes stores. Our mission are develop customer health by shoes ,conduct new products and these seminars.
The president is my husband who has a German national qualification as an orthopedic shoe Meister. 

Currently, we have hired a prosthetics and orthotics who is a national qualification of Japan.
And we started work in collaboration with hospitals such as therapeutic equipment. 
So there are taxable and non-taxable in consumption tax and purchases from Germany. 
I think it's more complicated than a usual retail store, fortunately I leave it all to YFP crea with.

We are small company with about 5 full-time employees. And I have no experience in Tax accounting. 
Besides we are a group of engineers who specialize in making shoes, so it's really helpful.

Comment for your charge.

Then before our charge change to Mr. Tamura, Tax inspection was conducted for the first time.
He is a young person, I was a little worried. But I was able to prepare the documents together, took a time for preparation. Finally we finished it smoothly.
At that time, there was a strange good feeling of accomplishment!

He is able to communicate with My husband directly in English. It is also helpful for me. 
Besides it's so helpful every time I ask a strange or unique questions from amateur view, he respond flexibly. 
Mr. Tamura and we like the outdoors and sports. I suppose our life idea is very similar "To enjoy work hard and private leisure"

In years it is difficult to grow up at shoe retailing. Besides the department store where our store is located is closed by Corona. When not only sales but also my feelings were depressed. 
At that time I was encouraged to hear subsidy advice from him and tell our suffer to him.
Still difficult situation continued, but I think we can do our best together by take care our accounting. 
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